About Us

Our Story

Inspired by a photo of Larissa Reis one night, PIBA's Founder decided to enter her first Bodybuilding show. She was living in Amsterdam at the time and there were no local shows to sign up for, so she entered the Miami Pro in London. In preparing for the show, she was blown away by the expenses involved. At the time, there were a small number of businesses in the US and UK selling hand-made contest bikinis, which allowed for significant profit margins. Knowing there had to be a more affordable alternative, she cycled into the Red Light District on a Saturday morning to find a metallic "scrunch-bum" bikini. That was an interesting experience to say the least...

Through her competition experiences, she realised that there did not exist a centralised platform containing all of the gym and contest necessities that she needed at reasonable prices. She also found many female training products to be masculine in design. PIBA was launched in December 2013 as a solution to these observations. Various products were sourced, including digital printed leggings, which proved very popular. PIBA then began working with suppliers to produce unique digital printed leggings suitable for weight training. Today, PIBA creates comfortable, unique workout leggings that are designed to make women feel strong, confident and empowered. PIBA leggings have since been shipped to over 40 countries. 


Our Mission

PIBAs mission is to inspire women worldwide to live an active lifestyle. 


Our Values (SHE LEADS)

Strength: We believe in celebrating strong women.

Heart: We believe in acting with passion and energy.

Excellence: We believe in creating the best legging products on the market.

Leadership: We believe that we can lead through design, quality and innovation. 

Empowerment: We believe in developing products that make women feel confident and empowered.

Accountability: We believe in corporate social responsibility.

Determination: We believe that nothing is impossible.

Service: We believe in providing a remarkable customer experience.